Don't look up.

What is this?

This is a nice central place to collate all the various things I've done or am working on. You'll find thoughts, limited information, tools and miscellaneous creations.

Who am I?

Rather than try to sum up the range of my interests in a broad sentence, here's a list of a few things I like that will hopefully do a far better job of conveying just what sort of person I am:

  • arthropod morphology
  • astronomy
  • climbing
  • computers
  • cycling
  • design
  • drawing
  • electronics
  • games
  • graphics
  • linguistics and grammar
  • logic (philosophical)
  • making things
  • maths
  • physics
  • programming
  • robots
  • sesquipedalianism
  • science
  • typography

Some things that annoy me more than would be reasonably expected:

  • correcting someone incorrectly
  • mammals
  • oblique projections
    • calling anything elevated "isometric"
  • "off of" and "(c|sh|w)ould of"

I'm happy to lend a hand if there's something I can do that you can't. This is pretty much confined to pictures and programming if competence is preferable or required.

That's what I think of myself, anyway. Others have claimed I'm a lot funnier in writing than I am in person, so apologies to those whose interactions with me are limited to the latter.

Some such things

A few excerpts demonstrating the range of things I've done

Axonometric projection calculator

Calculate the length ratios of an arbitrary axonometric (orthogonal) projection

SPAAG shooting dragon

First full drawing with a graphics tablet

A personal website to host and showcase various pieces of work